Ep 23 w/ Juan Carlos Bagnell

November 26th, 2012

This week Cory and Myles chat it up with voice over director / casting / producer / audio engineer / mic enthusiast....(list goes on)  Juan Carlos Bagnell.

Juan has played a huge role with some of our past guests like Tara Platt, Yuri Lowenthal and Bear McCreary...as a matter of fact he's working with all of them to bring Season 4 of Shelf Life to the interwebs!  So get out your microphone catalogues and follow along as we get deep into audio production with Juan!

Ep 22 w/ Jeff Danna

November 18th, 2012

Cory and Myles have a chat with Composer Jeff Danna who has an extensive and impressive body of work behind his belt.  Jeff tells us about his 180 career change after injuring his hand, leaving him unable to play guitar.  Jeff's goals of being a musician were seemingly crushed until he shifted gears in another musical direction.

Sorry in advance for the bad audio...due to a mix up Jeff ended up doing the interview over a very noisy phone line.

Ep 21 w/ Tom Snyder (Explosion Bus/Dr.Katz)

November 12th, 2012

This week it's a chat with the master of awkward comedy writing Tom Snyder.  Tom was the creator of the Comedy Central's animated series Dr.Katz in the 90's.  Tom more recently created the amazing animated web series Explosion Bus.  WARNING!!! NAME DROPPING AHEAD!!!

Ep 20 w/ Marc Zicree (Space Command)

November 4th, 2012

Some boys dream of meeting their favorite cartoon Super Heroes....  Cory and Myles dream of meeting the people who wrote the stories about those Super Heroes!  That's what this episode is...Cory and Myles chat it up with a man that truly has inspired them most of their lives....Marc Zicree!  Marc has written everything from Smurfs, He-Man, Black Star, The Biskitts to every Star Trek since next Gen, Babylon 5....the list goes on and on!  Tune in...sit back and enjoy!

Oh yeah! He's making a new SciFi film series called Space Command!