Ep37 w/ James Cooper

March 24th, 2013

Very geeky chat with film writer / director / comic writer / author James Cooper!

We chat about crowd funding, D&D, Batman and X-men movies that suck, writing a book and comics!

Ep36 w/ Khris Brown

March 19th, 2013

How does an environmentalist become one of the greatest casting directors in video games, working for companies like Lucas Arts / Film, Doublefine and UbiSoft?  Find out in this week's End Credits as Cory and Myles chat with Casting Director Khris Brown!

She has worked with so many of the great voice talents out there and she herself is a truly wonderful human being!  Welcome to Canada Khris!

Ep35 w/ Matt Hastings

March 11th, 2013

We chat with Matt Hastings, Executive Producer of shows such as Alphas, Eureka, The Outer Limits and Pain Killer Jane.  From what we can gather from this interview...Matt lurks in the shadow waiting for a good show to be made that needs help and then he swings in to the rescue....essentially he's the Batman of Executive Producing!

Ep34 w/ Crispin Freeman

March 4th, 2013

What an honour this week to post a podcast featuring the very talented Voice Over actor, coach and fellow podcaster Crispin Freeman!  Crispin has gained a huge voice over fan following by voicing some of the most prominent characters in Anime today.  He also hosts the incredible Voice Over Mastery Podcast and website that helps to educate potential and current Voice Actors.  

I hope you take as much away from this interview as we did and that you will continue to do so through Crispin's podcast(s), blogs and classes!

Visit his podcast(s) and personal blog(s) at the following: