Ep145 w/ Eric Koenig

October 27th, 2015
This week we are chatting with Eric Koenig (The Simpsons, The Prince of Egypt, Eight Crazy Nights) about his amazing career as well as his time with Chuck Jones.
Plus we geek out a ton about Star Wars,comics, problematic musical scores, The Spirit and more as we let our nerd flags fly.

Ep144 LIVE w/ Ron Husband @ Algonquin College

October 22nd, 2015
This is from our LIVE event on October 1st 2015 at The Algonquin College Theater.
Our guest was former Disney Animator Ron Husband...
This episode does not include his hour and 45 min lecture, but does include our post lecture conversation and Q & A.

Ep143 w/ Rob Amenta

October 14th, 2015

Rob Amenta is a Toronto based Artist/animator, mostly aself taught artist but did go to OCAD as well at the Toronto School of Art and Design.

His main creative tool these days is 3D Studio Max (a 3d rendering program for those not familiar), Rob is currently trying to get his TV pilot entitled "The Nuklear Family" funded through Kickstarter. The Nuklear Family started as a 2D project (and we loved the style of that), but has since moved it into a CG style series.

We chat with Rob about his series, the music behind it and how he plans to get his vision out to the world.