Ep156 The Truthful Phone

February 5th, 2016

The Truthful Phone is based by a Terry Jones (Monty Python) short story of the same name, supported in part by the Film Agency Wales with BAFTA nominated director Carl Rock.

The Truthful Phone is a dark comedy about nasty pensioner Mae Morris; local busybody, pet kidnapper, husband killer. Who unwittingly unleashes a magical gypsy curse that exposes her secrets to the very townsfolk she lives to torment.

With Puppets created by Andy Heath & Iestyn Evans who worked on Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Terry Jones said: 

“I’m delighted that The Truthful Phone is being given the opportunity to be made into a film short; director Carl Rock comes from the same part of Wales as I do. The Welsh landscape is a perfect setting for this tale, and I hope the Kickstarter campaign reaches its target so that a wider audience can enjoy this dark fantasy comedy”.

Carl optioned this story three years ago. We have been granted the rights to make this film by Terry Jones himself.



Ep155 w/ Ian Hulquist

January 22nd, 2016

Ian Hultquist is a California-born, Chicago-raised composer and musician living in Los Angeles. His career began when he heard the first few notes of John WilliamsJurassic Park score in 1993, and has continued on from that moment, with a few detours along the way. 

After high school, Hultquist studied film scoring at Berklee College of Music, where he married his love of electronic and rock music, with his love of film, and began to develop his unique composing style. He also met his wife and fellow composer, Sofia, and became one of the founding members of the band Passion Pit. 

From there, the bands meteoric rise would take Hultquist to sold-out crowds around the world, and also give him the opportunity to hone his talent for digital and analog sound design (Hultquist acted as Musical Director of the band's live show for many years).  But it wasnt until 2011, during the bands first real break from touring in almost four years, that Hultquist was able to fully return to scoring for film.


Ep154 w/ Bill Kopp

January 7th, 2016
This week is our conversation with Bill Kopp the creator of Eek The Cat, Mad Jack The Pirate, Tex Tin Star and one of the original animators for The Simpsons (pre-Simpsons TV series).
Warning! *This episode contains explicit language*
We talk to Bill about his career, winning two Academy Awards while in school, the origins of Eek, the amazing friends he has made, his thoughts on crafting the perfect cartoon gag and his upcoming crowd funding campaign to help create his new project Dumb Bunny and Jack Ass.

Ep 153 Star Wars Holiday Special w/ Mike Quinn

December 28th, 2015
This week we are celebrating the Holidays and Star Wars by chatting with the amazingly talented Nien Nunb...... Uh, Mike Quinn.....  Mike started performing at young age with a professional magic act at the age of 8 and a puppet show that ended in a pie fight at aged 9! After becoming fascinated by "The Muppet Show", he knew that was the future for puppetry. He first met Jim Henson and his puppeteers as a fan in 1977, later visiting the set of "The Muppet Show" bringing along home made Muppet style puppets on a regular basis and learning and receiving much encouragement.

Upon leaving school he directly landed his first job as a Muppeteer in 1980 on The Great Muppet Caper filling in on crowd scenes and doubling up for main characters. This directly led to building Podlings and Slaves for The Dark Crystal and then actually performing the Slavemaster Skeksis for the film.

This was a really fun chat about Mike's work both as a Muppet and as an animator at Pixar.


Ep152 w/ Tree Adams

December 23rd, 2015
This week we have a very geeky chat with Composer Tree Adams. We not only talk music but comics, geekdom and tons of genre film and TV.

You will recognize his work in shows like The 100, The Middle Man, Californication and movies like Super, Dawn of The Dead

Ep151 w/ Edwin Wendler

December 8th, 2015
This week we chat with Composer Edwin Wendler, but this chat goes in depth on the technical side of Composing more than any conversation that we've had. Ed talks to us about audio levels, not over powering the film and why it happens sometimes.

Ep150 w/ Dan Lund (Disney VFX animator) / Aria For Cow

December 2nd, 2015
This week we chatted with Daniel James Lund. Dan is a Visual FX animator at Disney, he has worked on such films as The Lion King, Beauty and The Beast, Aladdin, Brother Bear and Frozen....there's a lot more...just look at his IMDB under Dan Lund.
But Dan's true passion is film in general and we chat about that, Star Wars, Star Trek and of course about the recent animated short that he has directed entitled Aria for Cow.

Ep149 w/ Matthew Albanese

November 25th, 2015
This week we are chatting with Miniature creator / Photographer Matthew Albanese.
Matthew Albanese’s fascination with film, special effects and movie magic—and the mechanics behind these illusions—began early.  Born in northern New Jersey in 1983, Albanese spent a peripatetic childhood moving between New Jersey and upstate New York. An only child, Albanese enjoyed imaginative, solitary play. He loved miniatures and created scenarios intricately set with household objects and his extensive collection of action figures. After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography at the State University of New York, Purchase, Albanese worked as a fashion photographer, training his lens on bags, designer shoes and accessories—this small-object specialization is known in the retail trade as “table top photography.” Albanese’s creative eye soon turned to tabletop sets of a more wildly eclectic nature. In 2008, a spilled canister of paprika inspired him to create his first mini Mars landscape. More minute dioramas—made of spices, food and found objects—followed. In 2011, Albanese was invited to show at the Museum of Art and Design of New York. His work has also been exhibited at the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art, Winkleman Gallery, and Muba, Tourcoing France. Matthew is represented  at Bonni Benrubi Gallery in New York



Ep148 w/ Composer Heather McIntosh

November 18th, 2015
This week we chat with Composer Heather McIntosh about her life and career that lead her to composing for the feature film "Z" for Zachariah.
Heather McIntosh recently moved to Los Angeles from Athens, Georgia. House cellist for the Elephant 6 Collective, she has played with of Montreal, The Olivia Tremor Control, The Music Tapes, Gerbils, Elf Power, Circulatory System, Apples in Stereo, Great Lakes, and The Ladybug Transistor.

Ep147 w/ Matt D’Avella Direcotr of The Minimalists / Design Disruptors

November 12th, 2015

The Minimalists, Catalyst, Asymmetrical, and SPYR have finished filming Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things, directed by Matt D’Avella.

With several thousand hours of footage, Matt and Team are carefully weaving the hours into a beautiful 80-minute narrative featuring dozens of minimalists from all walks of life: minimalist families, travelers, city dwellers, suburbanites, country folk, artists, architects, men, women, people from everywhere on the socioeconomic ladder.