Ep 103 w/ Toby Froud

July 29th, 2014

This week we have the HUGE honor of chatting with a man who is part of a family legacy.

Toby Froud has huge shoes to fill and he fits into them rather well.  Toby's parents are Wend and Brian are well known fabricators, artists and Henson Alumni.
Wendy created the original Yoda! They are responsible for creatures featured in Star Wars, The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth.
Which brings us to Toby, who made his debut in the entertainment industry as the baby in the movie Labyrinth. But Toby now does all his acting behind a puppet.  Toby himself is becoming a renowned designer, fabricator and writer.  You can see his craftsmanship in the stop motion medium with films such as ParaNorman and the upcoming Box Trolls. 
But Toby is not content to just work for others. He recently completed a short that brings him back to his family traditions.
Lessons Learned is a short starring a puppet cast. The short is written and designed by Toby with help from his Father Brian Froud.
It's a coming of age story set in a fantasy setting and we cannot wait to see both it and what Toby brings us in the future.