Ep114 w/ Khalil Sullins

November 3rd, 2014

This week we talk with first time feature director Khalil Sullins about his very cool film entitled "Listening".

For years, we have tried to harness the power of the human mind... and failed. Now, one breakthrough will change everything. Beyond technology. Beyond humanity. Beyond control.


LISTENING, the powerful debut feature from visionary director Khalil Sullins, excites as a psychological thriller about penniless grad students who invent mind-reading technology that destroys their lives. David (Thomas Stroppel) and Ryan (Artie Ahr) hope inventing telepathy will solve all their problems, but the bleeding-edge technology opens a Pandora’s Box of new dangers, especially when it falls into the wrong hands. In a color-saturated vision of present-day science fiction, friends are forced against each other in a life-or-death battle over not only the privacy of our minds, but the future of human free will itself.

For more go to: http://listeningmovie.com/